Announcement of the Past  S:. G:. C:.  N. Kilakos, 33°

                                                                                        Valley of Illissos, Orient of Athens: 182/ 17.12.2019



From the establishment of the Supreme Council of the 33rd and Last Degree for Greece of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite in 1872 by Prince Dimitrios Rodokanakis, worthy Most Illustrious and Illustrious Brethren, worked with faith,  devotion, zeal and enthusiasm, served the vision of Liberty and the ideals of the A:.A:.S:.R:.and each laid his own stone on this brilliant building.

My dear Brethren, following the unanimous decision of the Supreme Council of 33rd and Final Degree for Greece of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite,  I have assumed my duties, under extremely difficult circumstances, but fully aware of responsibilities and obligations.

My opening message was an optimistic trumpet, but also a call for companionship, in the common struggle of justification.

I promised that I would lead the fight of resistance against to machination, for the restoration of peace, harmony and love in the Masonic environment, but also for the strengthening of our Institution.

I had as criterion of my movements, my consciousness and  our Masonic Principles.

I proceeded resolutely, exhausting all margins, but without abolishing the boundaries and without exceeding the red lines which had been set as a breakwater.

I had always in mind, the lyrics of Constantine Cavafy, “Laistrygonians and Cyclops, angry Poseidon  –
don’ t  be afraid of them . . . . . . . . ” but also of Nikephoros Vrettakos “ I stand like the olives of my homeland, which are wedged in the stones and breathing the flashes of lightning”.

It is my firm belief that the work of psychourgy, which is the goal of Masonry, is a work of love and is not performed either in the courtrooms or on the Internet, but within the Masonic  Lodges and IN OUR HEARTS.

During my tenure, our relations with the Grand Lodge of Greece normalized.

The Philosophical Ateliers of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite can now work normally in all buildings of the Grand Lodge of Greece.

Philosophical  Ateliers of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish  Rite  operate normally throughout our country .

The number of our Members has increased and this growth continues with geometric progress.

The first DeMolay Chapter was established in Greece and a second one will follow in the coming months.

Many events were held by the Supreme Council with the participation of Most Illustrious and Illustrious Representatives and Brethren of Supreme Councils with which our relations are in Amity, as well as visits by the  Supreme Council to the  outside of Athens Greek regions.

Our presence and participation in the Events of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite  beyond the borders of our homeland was continuous.

The work of the Supreme Council was collective, as dictated by the Great Constitutions of 1762 and 1786 and our Regulations.

In this struggle I have always had helpers and companions, the Members of the Supreme Council, but also all Brothers, whose will I expressed as the first among equals.

I take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to them.

But I especially thank the Grand Orator and Minister of the State,Ill Brother and Friend, Evangelos Biniaris, 33° for his invaluable support and contribution.

My dear Brethren, my personal link in the chain of Inner Tradition and Continuity is complete.

My stone was placed.

It’s time to hand over the scepter to a younger worthy builder.

So I am delivering the scepter of the Grand Commander to the Supreme Council of the 33° and Last Degree for Greece of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, but I will remain an ACTIVE Member of the Supreme Council and will continue to work hard, with love and devotion, zeal and faith in favor of the Scottish Rite and Freemasonry in general.